AVA Beach Tip – Thoughts and body language of champions

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04 Oct AVA Beach Tip – Thoughts and body language of champions

It should be no surprise to you that what you are thinking and your body language while playing on the court has a huge effect on your opponents and your partner.  Read more about this and how Karch Kiraly trains his volleyball athletes to be champions…

A message that we preach to our athletes in the USA gym and one that I followed as an indoor and beach player is this: No matter how bad things get in competition, you should always look as if everything is just fine. One reason for that is it’s a good way to frustrate your opponents. They might be winning – maybe even winning by a lot – but if they look through the net and see that you don’t look any different than you did when the match started, it’s likely to get them thinking that they can’t crack you. When an opponent witnesses your lack of discouragement, it can’t help but be a little discouraging to them. We’re winning – why are they so happy?