FAQ: Seeding, Rating and Points

How does (Open) tournament seeding work?


Tournament seeding is based on team Rating first, followed by Points.
Individual player Ratings are grouped as a team pair, then Points are used as tie breaker where needed.

  • AAA/AA
  • AAA/A
  • AAA/Unranked
  • AA/AA
  • AA/A
  • AA/Unranked
  • A/A
  • A/Unranked
  • Unranked/Unranked

(Tournament director reserves the right to assign wildcard seeding for unknown players based on their recent results in similar events. To assure a balanced tournament bracket).


How are Ratings earned?

Ratings are earned playing Open tournaments based on:
1. The # of Teams in the tournament
2. Your finish

# of Teams: 24+ 16-23 8-15 4-7
3rd AAA AA AA  –
5th AA AA A  –
7th AA A A  –
9th A A  –  –
13th A  –  –  –


How long does a rating last?


Highest rating earned is good for the rest of year it was earned, along with the following year. Then it drops one rating per year. For instance, player earns a AA rating finishing 3rd in a tournament with 16-23 teams – that rating holds for the rest of that year plus the following year, after which it will drop down to an A rating and the follwing year to Unrated (if player doesn’t play or earn another rating).


How are points earned?


Points are earned in Open tournaments by subtracting your finish from the total number of teams (x2) in the tournament. For instance, if there are 24 teams in a tournament and you finish 9th, you will earn 39 points for that tournament [(24×2) – 9] = 39 points). Tournament winners get an extra +1 point bonus.

Double points are awarded for the Grand Slam Events, normally the AVA Firecracker Classic (played on 4th July) and the AVA Seattle Open (traditionally played the 1st weekend of August every year – the weekend before Seaside).


How long do points last?


One year. Points are good for the rest of the year earned, along with the first tournament of the following year. Tournament points are replaced on a rolling annual basis. For instance, when the first tournament of the new year is completed and entered into the AVA historic player database, points for the first tournament of the previous year drops off, etc.

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