2017 AVA Seabrook Schedule


Friday June 16th

(Can’t play Friday? That’s ok, you can miss Friday pool play and still play Saturday, but let us know in advance)


10:00am – 11:00 am

Player check-in at Seabrook Beach.



Free Olympian Stein Metzger Clinic (UCLA head beach coach) (open to all)


  • Men’s/Women’s A 2s – pool play
  • Men’s/Women’s Masters 2s – pool play
  • Juniors 2s U12 – pool play
  • Juniors 2s U14 – pool play
  • Juniors 2s U16 – pool play
  • Juniors 2s U18 – pool play




Player check-in. Welcome to Seabrook Party for AVA Players at Mill 109 in the Sand Bar beer garden. Enjoy a beer, wine or root beer float (for those under 21) hosted by Seabrook (no cost). All ages.


Saturday June 17th


7:00am – 9:00am:

Breakfast buffet at Mill 109 in town


9:00am start time:
  • Men’s/Women’s Open 2s – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Men’s/Women’s A 2s – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Co-ed A 2s – pool play+tournament play
  • Men’s/Women’s Masters 2s – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Juniors 2s U12 – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Juniors 2s U14 – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Juniors 2s U16 – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Juniors 2s U18 – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Beginner 4s – pool play


2:00pm start time:
  • Co-ed Open 2s – tournament play (Double elimination)


End of day, after the finals:


Player after party! Complimentary BBQ for all players with DJ, beer, wine on the bluff just above the beach (at top of the stairs to the left in front of the houses) in the spectacular park overlooking the pacific ocean! Beach bonfires afterwards. Everyone welcome!


Sunday June 18th

Fun fours day! Chill out at the beach with fun fours (Stein Metzger is rumored to be playing 4s for fun) and watch parents competing with the kids. Lots of music and fun activities (skim boarding, beach bikes, kites and more) rented right on the beach from Buck’s Bikes! See you at Seabrook!


7:00am – 9:00am:

Breakfast buffet at Mill 109 in town


9:00am start time:
  • Parent/Child 2s – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Co-ed Open 4s – tournament play (Double elimination)
  • Co-ed A 4s – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Juniors 4s U12 – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Juniors 4s U14 – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Juniors 4s U16 – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Juniors 4s U18 – pool play+tournament play (Single Elimination)
  • Beginner 4s – tournament play

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